I love to move – both physically with my body, geographically from place to place and psychologically. I fell into circus when I was 17 and I now spend my time teaching and performing as well as majoring in music and theatre. I also do tons of yoga and have a general interest in anatomy, didactics (how we learn) and the physiology of moving and playing. I love combining genrés like acro-yoga, aerial-yoga og yolates – generally anything with yoga, circus or dance.

Around 2011 I was accepted into Codarts – the profesional school for circus arts in Rotterdam. I refused this offer and have instead taken shorter periods of stays at different schools to get as wide and differentiated approach as possible. Among other schools:
Aarhus School of Circus, Denmark (Gøglerskolen)
Belfast Community Circus School
Performers House, Silkeborg, Denmark, Contemporary Circus Line
New York Academy of Circus, New York City, USA, (CircusWarehouse)
Aerial Revolution, San Diego, California, USA

I have of course also travelled with the circus as I would recommend every aspiring circus performer to try!! This however only lasted for a single season and I soon after decided to focus on contemporary circus performances and teaching.

The highlight of my career so far has for sure been my New-York-Inspired-Performance named “Caught in the act” which was a 45 min solo performance written, created and performed by myself. The process of this far exceeded what any school could teach me and rocketed my careered into the burlesque/cabaret/contemporary circus theatre world.

Still residing in this world of circus, cabaret and crazy fire shows, I have embarked on a yoga adventure, that started years ago. Yoga was for many years a way of staying fit and flexible as the world of artistry demanded. I was fortunate to discover, however, that this in itself was not necessarily a goal that I needed to strive for, and found my adventure began in the attention given to the process of things. This has inspired my performing, teaching, moving, dancing, music and all the other things I do. Especially my being and perception thereof has been thrown on a journey which will never end – that’s why it’s great that it’s not the destination that is my focus. Get it?